Mike Pence: U.S. Will Direct Humanitarian Programs in the Middle East; No More U.N. Funding

During the gathering of Christian leaders from the Middle East in the nation’s capital for the annual celebration In Defense of Christians summit, Vice President Mike Pence told them that President Donald Trump has given a direct order to the U.S. State Department to stop relying on the U.N. to provide humanitarian aid to persecuted religious minorities within the region.

Pence broke down the announcement by saying, “those days are over,” before adding that the Obama administration had paid more than one billion dollars for humanitarian aid, and the majority of the funding was funneled through the United Nations.

“Yet the United Nations has too often failed to help the most vulnerable communities, especially religious minorities,” Pence said, adding, “The result has been that countless people continue to suffer and struggle needlessly.”

Pence kept up his criticizing remarks, saying that it was “sad reality” that the main U.N. presence in such terror-ridden places such as Iraq and Syria were flags put up on abandoned buildings, in areas where persecuted Christians are nowhere to be found.

“Our fellow Christians and all who are persecuted in the Middle East should not have to rely on multinational institutions when America can help them directly,” Pence said, before he announced the groundbreaking order of President Trump to stop funding “ineffective relief efforts at the United Nations.” 

“And from this day forward, America will provide support directly to persecuted communities through USAID,” said Pence.

But that wasn’t the end – shortly after making his announcement, Pence also received an applause from the crowd for confirming the determination of the Trump administration to defeat the terrorists in all their incarnations.

Pence’s speech can be seen below:

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