CNN caught misleading the public again about WikiLeaks publications

The mainstream media, especially CNN, has been in a constant war with the truth when it comes to President Donald Trump as well as everything that would even come close to endangering the public image of the people they’re trying to protect so desperately. But in the most recent case of spreading lies, Wikileaks caught them hands-on and humiliated them publicly.

During a short CNN dialog revolving around the the recent scandal which popped up this week, revealing that former Secretary of State as well as failed presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton’s Foundation, along with the Democratic National Committee, directly helped fund the dossier filled with information and nonsense in an attempt to connect Trump with Russia.

The interview, which seemed carefully planned, attempted to lie directly to the face of the people, by trying to spread false information and claims that Wikileaks was somehow connected to Russia and working for their benefit, but the official Twitter account of Wikileaks didn’t let these comments slide and decided to expose them in a harsh way.

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